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Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Masica Jordan Alston | Dr. Masica Jordan Alston, a licensed counselor and CPRS, earned degrees from Bowie State and a Doctorate in Education. She's been featured on CNN, FOX, and in Forbes for her work in marginalized communities and education. Founder of Jordan Peer Recovery and Grief and Loss Centers of America, she's also a professor and tech CEO, focusing on addiction, mental health, and culturally responsive support.


Shonte Drakeford | Shonte Drakeford is a Nurse Practitioner, Army Spouse, Advocate, Foster Child, Farmer, and Life Enjoyer who is living with terminal Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. She creates change through her inspiration.

Dr. Euwanna Heard | Dr. Euwanna Heard is a Bowie State (BSU) alumna. She is a registered nurse, a family nurse practitioner, assistant professor, and the graduate program coordinator in the Department of Nursing at BSU.

Shelagh Johnson | Shelagh Johnson teaches English and Creative Writing at BSU and is faculty editor of the university’s literary magazine, The Torch. Her fiction has been published in numerous magazines and journals.

Dr. Marcus Mason | With over 12 years of experience working with youth and adults, Dr. Mason is a two-time alum of Bowie State University, having earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Adolescence Studies and his Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Mason is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Keadrick Peters | Dr. Keadrick Peters is a proud native of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Dr. Peters serves as a DEI champion at BSU. Belongingness, joy, and grace anchors him as a human.

Chris Provido | Chris Provido is a STEM leader, a scholar, and a learner. He strives to empower others with scientific curiosity and nurtures his own diverse STEM experiences. He is dedicated to advancing inclusive science.

Dr. Lucia Santacruz | Lucia Santacruz PhD, is a Professor of Biology at the Natural Sciences Department at Bowie State University, where she teaches Cell Biology, Introduction to Cancer Biology and Biological Sciences. Originally from Colombia, Dr. Santacruz received a PhD in Physiology at UCLA School of Medicine and has an extensive record of accomplishment in biomedical research.

Dr. Mawule Sevon | Dr. Mawule Sevon is a practicing school psychologist and behavior analyst as well as a researcher focused on seeking educational justice for Black students. She is also alumna of Bowie State University’s school psychology graduate program.

Lanee Sheffield | Lanee Sheffield is an Educator and Reading Specialist for over 15 years of experience with literacy education. She is passionate about cultivating a love for literacy and reading success of all scholars.

Terrance Staley | Terrance Staley is the Executive Director of Alliance of Concerned Men, Community and National Engagement Leader, TA (Technical Assistant) to IIR, LISC, the White House Intervention Collaborative Task Force, and CBPS Collective. He served his country through three tours in Iraq and is a recipient of the Army’s Combat Action Badge. Terrance earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bowie State University.

DaJonaire Washington | DaJonaire Washington is an Educator and Researcher that is passionate about educational equity, restorative practices, and safe spaces for children.